Depressing Weather

Seven of the last eight days have had measurable rain. On the eight day, there was also rain – just not enough to statistically count.

Emotionally? That’s another story.

Instead of being a May of getting out, this has been a May of staying in. I am suffering from sensory deprivation.

I know – how can you feel sorry for me, in the most modern, convenient and advanced society ever known? You never heard the Pilgrims complain about burnout&#185.

Of course, many are currently suffering more than I can even fathom. Flooding in parts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire is at historic levels. Here in Connecticut there are pockets of minor to moderate flooding.

I still feel myself moping around. Maybe my temper is shorter than it should be.

By tomorrow some limited sunshine will appear. Will I bounce right back, or is the rain a convenient target on which to blame my bad mood?

&#185 – The concept of Pilgrim burnout is not mine. I wish I could remember who first used it.