Last Friday as I was leaving for work Helaine said, “One more day and you’re on summer vacation.”

Summer vacation! That’s not a phrase adults use too often. Anyway, here I am – summer vacationing.

Not only is it vacation time, it’s also birthday time. My parents are in a plane right now, heading up the coast. Tomorrow the five of us (with Stef) head to Philadelphia to see the Phillies play the Washington Nationals on Cole Hamels Bobble Head Night!

I drove into New Haven late this morning. I needed to deliver my photos for “Off The Wall.”

Did I ever screw up yesterday!

I read the “Off The Wall” instructions and then did something totally different. The matte was supposed to be 11×14″. I printed my photos at 11×14″ and then matted them. They were much too large.

Bad for me. Good for Mike Ross, who ended up printing two sets for me.

Back to New Haven. The Arts Council is located on New Haven’s ‘artsiest’ block, Audubon Street. The street itself is flanked with ‘city trees’ as it curves around a stone plaza. On one end of the street are shops. Closer to Orange Street is the New Haven Foundation Building, where my pictures now sit.

I figured it would be sacreligious to head to Audubon Street with the photos, but without my camera. Here’s a quick feel for that block on this beautiful July day.