Google Doesn’t Trust Gmail

This is very strange. I’m a fan of Google’s search engine and I also subscribe to some of its notifier services. If Google comes across a link which mentions my name or the name of a few of my friends or even the company I work for, I get an email. It’s painless and part of the true power of using the entire Internet as a relational database.

The notification emails come to my email account. I thought it might be easier to move this activity to a Gmail account, which is really set up for sorting and making repetitive email tasks easier.

Gmail is an offshoot of Google. As it turns out, I have a Gmail account (don’t ask how many email accounts I have because I don’t really remember… a lot is a good answer). It is currently in beta, though there are probably millions of us testing the service.

So I went to Google, found the preferences tab and went to change the email address. I was amazed to get this response. Google’s service is not accepting Gmail addresses! Is Google no longer speaking to Google?