Google Doesn’t Trust Gmail

This is very strange. I’m a fan of Google’s search engine and I also subscribe to some of its notifier services. If Google comes across a link which mentions my name or the name of a few of my friends or even the company I work for, I get an email. It’s painless and part of the true power of using the entire Internet as a relational database.

The notification emails come to my email account. I thought it might be easier to move this activity to a Gmail account, which is really set up for sorting and making repetitive email tasks easier.

Gmail is an offshoot of Google. As it turns out, I have a Gmail account (don’t ask how many email accounts I have because I don’t really remember… a lot is a good answer). It is currently in beta, though there are probably millions of us testing the service.

So I went to Google, found the preferences tab and went to change the email address. I was amazed to get this response. Google’s service is not accepting Gmail addresses! Is Google no longer speaking to Google?

2 thoughts on “Google Doesn’t Trust Gmail”

  1. Its probably because they want another email address. I think i remember that when i signed up it needed a secondary email for it to work

  2. Actually I think it’s because it ends with “.com”, most free email services use .com and are available to anyone. Or anything, there are auto programs that obtain free email accounts for the purpose of spamming people. Ever notice that a lot of spam comes from Yahoo accounts? But if your email ends with .net or something other than .com, then it usually means that you are paying for that account and chances are you are who claim to be.

    Geoff, nice site, I just stumbled onto it tonight.

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