Everybody In The (NCAA) Pool

I said I’d enter (and did), but really should be in the ex-VIP division.

Tweets beget tweets! I tweeted about exercising earlier this afternoon and a few minutes later received a tweet from the Meriden Record-Journal.

@geofffox would you like to enter in our NCAA Hoops Frenzy pool as a VIP?

Like so many media outlets the R-J is running a free bracket contest for the NCAA tournament. As policy the NCAA disapproves of gambling. Still, it’s tough to deny office pools and larger contests like this are part of the reason people care about (and watch) games they really shouldn’t care about!

I said I’d enter (and did), but really should be in the ex-VIP division.

@geofffox Fantastic! what should we title you as?

Leggy supermodel? I settled for meteorologist.

Along with the Record-Journal’s pool I’ve filled out two tickets for one run by a former co-worker. That’s tradition for me… as is his hunting me down to collect when I lose!

I don’t know much about college hoops. I haven’t kept current this season. Other than Kemba Walker the entire UCONN men’s team is a cypher to me.

I played it safe and picked a lot of favorites.

Go Kansas.

Huskies Win – Guaranteed

In a few moments, UCONN plays Washington in the NCAA Tournament. That’s right, it’s the Huskies versus the Huskies!

This reminds me… Way back at my first job in radio (WSAR Fall River, Massacusetts), we carried the B. M. C. Durfee High School basketball games. They were called the Whalers.

That was also the nickname for the team from the high school in New Bedford. Their games were carried by our competition in New Bedford.

On game nights, when Durfee would play New Bedford, the Whalers would be winning on one station and losing on the other!