Everybody In The (NCAA) Pool

I said I’d enter (and did), but really should be in the ex-VIP division.

Tweets beget tweets! I tweeted about exercising earlier this afternoon and a few minutes later received a tweet from the Meriden Record-Journal.

@geofffox would you like to enter in our NCAA Hoops Frenzy pool as a VIP?

Like so many media outlets the R-J is running a free bracket contest for the NCAA tournament. As policy the NCAA disapproves of gambling. Still, it’s tough to deny office pools and larger contests like this are part of the reason people care about (and watch) games they really shouldn’t care about!

I said I’d enter (and did), but really should be in the ex-VIP division.

@geofffox Fantastic! what should we title you as?

Leggy supermodel? I settled for meteorologist.

Along with the Record-Journal’s pool I’ve filled out two tickets for one run by a former co-worker. That’s tradition for me… as is his hunting me down to collect when I lose!

I don’t know much about college hoops. I haven’t kept current this season. Other than Kemba Walker the entire UCONN men’s team is a cypher to me.

I played it safe and picked a lot of favorites.

Go Kansas.

10 thoughts on “Everybody In The (NCAA) Pool”

  1. Blasphemy………..Kansas? Really? I am an avid women’s gamer. Not interested in the men. They’re a bunch of hotdogs show boating for the NBA. The women play it as it should be: a team sport. No “I” in team.

  2. Leggy supermodel? I love it! That should work, after all the exercising you’re doing! I’m with Patty – I am addicted to UConn women’s b-ball – I love the work ethic and the team attitude.

  3. I’m with you guys — love the UConn women’s team. However, as I’ve watched the men this past week the reason they were able to pull off 5 successive wins wasn’t just Kemba; it was because they played as a team. There was very little showboating. It’s been fun to watch them. I love Lamb; he’s got the whole package!

  4. GEOFF!!!!!! So very proud of you for choosing Kansas!!!! I lived in New Haven for 27 years then moved to Wichita, Kansas!!!!! Husband and 2 children went to or are currently attending KU!!! Rock Chalk, JayHawk, KU!!!! Just knew you were a great guy!! I went to UCONN…however.

  5. My nephew is a senior at UConn with a double major, Journalism and Political Science. He often travels with the teams and broadcasts them on the UConn station — sometimes editorial comments but he’s worked up now to play-by-play (he also covered the awful stabbing of Jasper Howard for Fox 61). He was at Madison Square Garden for the men’s team, who are coming into their own, we think, finally. Two years ago he gave me a ticket to see the UConn women’s team. I had a blast! Would I care about UConn basketball much if my nephew didn’t broadcast it? Nope. I would only recall blips from local news coverage. But now it’s kinda fun to follow it! By the way, anyone know of any job leads in journalism for my nephew? He will not be applying to WTNH.

  6. I think you should be described as “beloved meteorologist”, as evidenced by your overwhelming support in your exit from you-know-where.

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