Tonight I Was Chatty

I discovered this afternoon. By this evening I was live streaming! It was a good opportunity to interact a little with my viewers.

I discovered this afternoon. By this evening I was live streaming! It was a good opportunity to interact with my viewers.

I liked livestream’s control room type app a lot. It let me stream my webcam and switch back-and-forth between it and my computer’s screen. That allowed me to show webpages and photos to illustrate my points.

What I didn’t like was the app crashing halfway through my chat!

Because I’m new and haven’t yet been verified by livestream I was limited to 50 participants. My quota was quickly filled. Wow! Thanks.

I have jumped through livestream’s hoops and hope to have unlimited capacity soon.

The response on Facebook and Twitter was positive. I will be back.

13 thoughts on “Tonight I Was Chatty”

  1. Definitely let me know when you do it again Geoff. I don’t have my webcam up in new Hampshire yet, but would be more than happy to jump into chat…

  2. Once your streams are done, you can go into your account and then on the channel select “Studio” mode and go in and archive the session, you can make it “AutoPlay” continuously until you replace it or merely have it “On Demand”.

    In studio mode you can also add titles, etc…

    Let me know if you need a green screen!

    Conover Production Services

    1. Good to see you here Bob. I was at BIC Corp years ago and had hired you to do some sales presentations for about 3 years in 2008. Then they let me go after 28 years of devotion. I enjoyed the video part of my job there.
      I still dabble in video with my ol’ more weddings though. to much torture.

      Bob Daly

  3. Geoff, it was great to hear your voice tonite….lol….Could you address the issue of how long this radition in Japan will take to travel to CA??? Understanding from the news tonite that the wind is blowing in the right direction and CA is only 5700 miles away..I am sure everyone would enjoy your take on it….

  4. Last night something possessed me to activate my Twitter account again, I followed you and saw you were “chatty”. I’ll check it out next time.

  5. Good Morning! With the new developments happening in Japan, could you predict the likely path of the plume of radiation leaving Japan? How significant of an impact will it make on the US? Which states may be impacted? When will it be over the western states?

  6. Just thought I would let you know about another site I follow regarding Japan’s disaster….check it out! What do you think of the NOAA HYSPLIT forward trajectories model, regarding the path of the radiation cloud?

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