Stupidity Is Its Own Reward

Every few minutes a voice came on reminding me how they were doing their best. Uh huh.

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone fixing and changing various accounts. You’d be surprised how much changes when you leave work.

I made one of those calls a few minutes ago. “Call wait time 13 minutes,” was the disembodied voice’s advisory. No problem. I threw the call on speaker, put the phone at my side on the sofa and listened to the finest in synthesized, nondescript, repetitious music on hold.

Every few minutes a voice came on reminding me how they were doing their best. Uh huh.

Finally as my thirteen minutes was expiring a human voice. “Hi, this is Ron. How can I help you?”

I made a mad dash for the phone, picked it up and pressed the button to hide the keypad and take it off the speaker… except I missed and hit “End” instead!

I’m on hold again and nine minutes in. Wait time is still 13 minutes. I’m an idiot!

17 thoughts on “Stupidity Is Its Own Reward”

  1. Geoff:

    You are not an idiot. I do it all the time. Trying to hold the phone with my sholder and then my chin becomes my new remote button that disconnets all calls. So strap that phone to your side, go about your daily chores soon enough, and I say that loosely, you will wait your alloted time and you can disconnect again.

  2. It happens, Geoff. Like others, I have done exactly the same thing. I’ve even tried to start a conversation with someone and heard them say “Hello?”. That’s when my face goes red when realized MUTE was still on. LOL

    You’re entitled! Welcome to the club!

  3. And for those of us with no more land lines(for what?) it’s even more killer. Precious anytime minutes all spent in vain. God bless rollover minutes… Just the ticket for those hit the wrong button by mistake incidents.

  4. WHO among us has not the exact same thing!! Now, if only we could do that to the new weather guy-he’s the pits!

  5. Earlier, on the phone with a good friend who is going through a divorce, he said something stupid and I called him a jerk. At that precise second, I was trying to put the darn phone in the holster and…well…yup. CLICK! lol He really thought I hung up on purpose! lol I’m still chuckling! And yes, I too have disconnected myself from hell hold when it was just my turn!

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