It Can’t Happen Here

Some Microsoft webservers have been infected with a strange virus that infects user’s computers. It’s really dastardly because this can happen on well known, well respected sites where you’d never expect trouble.. Even though the threat from this particular exploit is now virtually nil (the website which was to receive the purloined info has been closed), it will definitely be the first of many similar attacks.

It’s just too lucrative a move for hungry thieves to avoid!

Just in case you’re worried, you should know it can’t happen here. This is an Apache webserver running on a Linux PC. The exploit needs Microsoft IIS servers.

However, this just continues to point out how vulnerable Internet Explorer is. The virus is passed along to individuals through IE.

Last night I downloaded Foxfire, a browser from Mozillla which can replace Internet Explorer. I guess it’s time to make the switch… while I still can.