It Can’t Happen Here

Some Microsoft webservers have been infected with a strange virus that infects user’s computers. It’s really dastardly because this can happen on well known, well respected sites where you’d never expect trouble.. Even though the threat from this particular exploit is now virtually nil (the website which was to receive the purloined info has been closed), it will definitely be the first of many similar attacks.

It’s just too lucrative a move for hungry thieves to avoid!

Just in case you’re worried, you should know it can’t happen here. This is an Apache webserver running on a Linux PC. The exploit needs Microsoft IIS servers.

However, this just continues to point out how vulnerable Internet Explorer is. The virus is passed along to individuals through IE.

Last night I downloaded Foxfire, a browser from Mozillla which can replace Internet Explorer. I guess it’s time to make the switch… while I still can.

7 thoughts on “It Can’t Happen Here”

  1. Hey Geoff,

    I’m running MS IE on Windows ME. Should I be worried. Also as for this Foxfire, what’s your recommendation on Foxfire and is it very good?

  2. All I know is, it attacks Microsoft products and not others. My web hosting was always Linux, so it ddidn’t pose a problem. I have only heard good things about Firefox – though probably from people who wouldn’t be enamored with Microsoft under any circumstance.

    Geoff Fox

  3. On the topic of –

    IE on Windows ME – Yup you are in the cross-hairs. Make sure you use Windows Update to make sure all the security updates of installed. Unfortunately there is still one critical issue open due to Microsoft being not able to fix the hole quick enough.

    On FireFox – Firefox is a worthy replacement for IE in fact the biggest and first noticeable difference between the two is faster page loading, (must be due to better page loading/memory management)

  4. As for me, I know i am running on window’s ME. I have ZoneAlarm for a fire wall. I have Norton Anti virus 2002 which I update regularly.

    As far as mozilla, which one should I be using and how do i make the switch from IE to firefox.

    Also dose Firefox have any effect on internet connection such as Netzero.

  5. I don’t know if NAV2002 is a new enough version to detect a javascript threat (I doubt it).

    *pat on the back* I’m glad you keep your antivirus-defs up-to-date 🙂

    Here’s Firefox homepage url –

    This should give you all the information.

    [Make sure you make Foxfire your default browser though]

    I don’t have any experience with NetZero, but I don’t think it will be affected.

  6. Hey everyone

    I downloaded it and installed it. man dose this thing rock. The speed on this thing is amazing. I love it. Ya gotta try it out

    Geoff, thanks for recommending it, I owe you one

  7. Geoff,

    I use Opera 7.5

    Its fast, safe, and has plenty of “geek” preferences and settings to play with and I think is much better than Firefox, since its not based on Mozilla(Moasaic) code.

    It doesn’t get attacked by hackers and has alot of user controls for your liking.

    In fact I’m looking at your blog with Opera right now and it displays fine.

    And no Java or Flash, use I.e.for that.

    I.E. bloater is finished.Only when necessary if at all.


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