Alaska By Ship And Train

Still working on the photos from Alaska. Crazy, right? You’d think I’d be done by now.

Here are two side projects that sort of turned up.

A friend of Helaine’s has a son who loves trains. For him I compiled my best shots of the White Pass and Yukon Route, a narrow gauge railroad we took from Skagway into British Columbia.

This train is unlike any excursion train you can imagine with some unbelievable views.

My friend Jacob Wycoff lent me a GoPro Hero video camera for the trip. I had so much else going on I hardly got to use it, except for timelapse. This one was taken as we cruised into Glacier Bay.

The camera was mounted above the sliding door to the balcony. The lens is a little too wide for this particular shot, but there’s no way to redo it now.