I have reverted to the original code for my atom.xml feed. If you’re a feed reader and you’re not getting the full feed again, please let me know.

I am searching for a way to integrate some form analytic software into this feed. I currently use Google Analytics, which I like. Counting feed readers doesn’t look easy.

If You Read My Feeds

As of today, the index.rdf feed has been parsed so it’s only excerpts (which is what it should have been all along).

A few of my rss feeds have been publishing the full blog instead of just excerpts with links. That makes it a whole lot more difficult for me to gauge traffic. On top of that, I’ve found non-related sites that duplicate my content 100% (OK – steal my content), which they’re getting from these feed.

As of today, the index.rdf and atom.xml feeds have been parsed so it’s only excerpts (which is what it should have been all along). I hope that doesn’t adversely affect anyone. Full text is still a click away.

If I’ve screwed anything up, or you’re not getting what you think you should be getting, please let me know.

Geeky Weather Housekeeping

I did a little tweaking on this site earlier tonight (and lost some of the code which wasn’t backed up… a horrendous outcome forcing me to rewrite much of it). If you’ll look in the right hand column you’ll notice all of Connecticut’s current weather observations are now posted.

These should update every 15 minutes around the clock and will make the seven zillionth place on the Internet to get this data!

I am using XML and RSS feeds to populate much of the live data here. Though written to be read by individuals, not integrated into sites, these feeds are very versatile. For me it’s fun to learn to do new things with the computer. I am only scratching the surface.