I have reverted to the original code for my atom.xml feed. If you’re a feed reader and you’re not getting the full feed again, please let me know.

I am searching for a way to integrate some form analytic software into this feed. I currently use Google Analytics, which I like. Counting feed readers doesn’t look easy.

3 thoughts on “Feeds”

  1. Thanks Geoff,

    I started the feed for your blog on livejournal.com a few years back, and filed to have it switched to the atom.xml feed today, just in case the other two people that read it there are wondering why it isn’t back to full text.


  2. As of this afternoon the feed on livejournal.com has switched over to atom.xml and the full text. I was wondering if there was a way to put an old-school counter based on a a small image, like sitecounter or the bravenet one to give you an idea of stats? Maybe whatever bits code the xml can automatically put one in?

    Craig, are you the third livejournal reader? I am pretty sure Meredith is the second and I was first.


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