World’s Largest Spider Dies Suspiciously

The World’s largest spider was found dead tonight on the kitchen floor of the Fox home, in Hamden, CT. Police are calling it a homicide.

World's largest spider, moments before his untimely demise

7 thoughts on “World’s Largest Spider Dies Suspiciously”

  1. I don’t blame you – that is one SCARY spider! Geoff, I hope you used a telephoto lens to take that shot – I can’t imagine getting that close!

  2. A few weeks back I was watching TV while surfing the web with my laptop. A baby mouse crawled out from underneath a bookshelf. I had just done some laundry. I grabbed a pair of potholders that were hanging on a drying rack that was next to my couch and I threw them at the mouse. They were wet and I hoped that the weight of them would stop him from running away. My potholders missed the mouse and the crazy thing charged right at me. I jumped up off the couch and dropped my 17″ powerbook. It landed on the mouse and killed him. How crazy is that? I can’t believe that I killed a mouse without a mouse trap! But he wasn’t the world’s biggest mouse. Geoff, you’re braver than I’ll ever be. I don’t think my laptop would have killed that HUGE spider.

  3. oh my goodness. the other day i was at my moms and her boyfriend was like come and look at this..the spider was bigger than that inside her shed..i called and pest control center to come spray..the exterminator said it was the biggest brown recluse he had ever seen..scary thing about it was that my 4 year old brother plays out talkin about it was bigger than my hand..its very scary..uuggghhh its makin me itch

  4. ooo im just after beating and ripping a huge spider to parts! its the biggest iv ever seen in my life it now feels like its on me ah that feeling i have aracknaphobia makeing it worse.

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