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Irvine’s Farmer’s Market

Sunday, August 24th, 2014


This was intended to be a vlog entry. Then I saw myself in the mirror. Never mind. I’ll type.


Helaine and I went to Irvine’s farmer’s market. It runs year round in the Orange County Great Park, what used to be the massive El Toro Marine Air Station.

We began going when we moved to Irvine. Then, after a few weeks, they changed to rules to prohibit dogs! Overzealous health department regulations.

The crowds dropped. Dogs are welcome again!




There are many reasons I enjoy this farmer’s market. All the produce stands give out samples. California fruits and veggies are very tasty.





Not far away are the food trucks. This has become quite the niche recently. Today we saw crepes, oven fired pizza, Mexican and a bunch of others. I had a caprese crepe with chipotle instead of the pesto they’d run out of. Yum!




Then there are the dogs. Doppler gets plenty of quality sniffing time.


The place is filled with little kids. Between birth and three or four, kids are 100% adorable. There are few teens and adolescents, plenty of pre-schoolers.

They like Doppler. The feeling is mutual.



This park is a huge space with lots of unusual installations, like a farm growing hydroponic organic vegetables on raised beds.




Finally, we’ve got a balloon. It’s tethered and takes sightseers up 400 feet for a view of the area I still need to get!




Tail Tales

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Doppler, Roxie and I are holding down the fort this afternoon. Helaine, Stef and my Cousin Melissa have disappeared to points unknown leaving us to fend for ourselves.

We’ve been in SoCal long enough they know each now. Doppler still doesn’t want to be cornered, but other than that they’re cordial. At one point this afternoon they were both licking my left hand. Cool moment.

I was down in the kitchen a little while ago. Quietly, I asked Doppler if she needed to go out. From the floor above I could hear Roxie jumping from the couch. Take one, take all! She was waiting when we got to the door.

They dart out of the house and up the grassy strip at the curb.

Shhhh. I carry a leash, but they’re never on it during daylight hours. We’re only a few feet apart. Both respond to my voice when needed.

Roxie needs to be in the middle of the action. Doppler favors her bed in a corner of the kitchen.

Roxie plays with toys. Doppler can’t be bothered.

They are different as the color of their fur. And yet, like children, I’d be hard pressed to consider picking a favorite.

Doppler And Roxie: Different As Night And Day

Sunday, October 13th, 2013


Stef drove down from Hollywood to spend the weekend with us. Roxie came too. She saw me as the car pulled up and went a little crazy with excitement.

At the moment we’ve got three humans and two dogs here. We’re set!

Stef sometimes calls our dog, “Feather McFeatherstein.” At not quite ten pounds the name works for Doppler.

IMG_20131013_122719-w1200-h1200On the other hand Roxie was supposed to be a miniature dachshund, no more than 11 pounds. Uh huh. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Stef claims Roxie checks in at 20 pounds, but even that seems wishful thinking.

Roxie is the life of the party. She plays. She pulls. She chews (aggressively). She’s happy to be excited. She plops herself in my lap uninvited, begging for scratches.

IMG_20131013_133218-w1200-h1200Doppler is more laid back. A dog toy thrown in front of her will remain in place, totally neglected. An afternoon spent lying in her dog bed in the corner of the kitchen is just fine. She relishes pre-nap naps!

Most of the time they treat each other with benign neglect. I’ve napped with one on each side. No problem. I walk them and give them treats simultaneously. No problem.

It’s only when Doppler is in territory she feels is hers that sparks fly! Doppler will get intense, then growl, baring her teeth to show Roxie she means business.

I have never seen Doppler show aggression to any human, even little kids with quickly swinging hands and feet. She’s even good with other dogs–Roxie including. The one exception is when she feels her turf needs protecting.

I love them both as they are. I wouldn’t trade one for the other or change either one. They are as different as can be.

I Do Public Appearances

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I do public appearances. It’s part of my job. I do a lot.

There is a common thread before each one. I don’t want to go!

Most of the time I don’t feel that way when the event is over. Saturday was no exception. The event was “Paws in the Park” in South Windsor.

Far! It was an hour each way.

Helaine had girlfriend plans so Doppler and I settled in the SUV and headed north. This event was totally dog friendly!

Doppler has a little area with leash installed in the front passenger seat. Within the first five minutes she had managed to wrap her leg and become immobilized! That’s never happened before.

I was a judge. Theresa LaBarbara and Steve Parker were there from the old place. Beau Berman was there from FoxCT.

It was like a home show or travel show, but for dogs! There were tables with vendors and rescue organizations. There are lots of rescue organizations.

We judged a best trick, dog kissing contest and sitting version of musical chairs. The vibe was good.

I managed to get five new “Don’t go to sleep yets.”

After two hours we got in the car to go home. Doppler was bushed! I left the leash off and let her lay down. I guess dog days are like dog years!

Good News From The Shelter

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Here’s an email I just got from Lisa at the Wallingford Animal Shelter. This past weekend I photographed their dogs and put together a slideshow movie.

Dear Geoff,

I want to let you and Helaine know that two fur-kids went home today due to your altruistic efforts. We also had countless calls of interest, and have several appointments set up for meet and greets.

Yes, your efforts have and continue to make a difference in the lives of the voiceless, abandoned.

My sincere and deep gratitude for all you have done for them. “Ain’t nothing better than watching you smile”. My heart is grinning from my pulmonary artery to my left ventricle. :)

Here is a fitting quote I wish to share with you:

Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls – David Thomas

Shine on Geoff and Helaine Fox – your souls are radiant!


Lisa – Wallingford Animal Shelter

Helaine is asleep, so I’m telling you first!

I would be lying if I didn’t say I am pleased. This is what we hoped for.

The Puppies Of Wallingford

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

If you like what you’re about to read and see thank Helaine. This one is her doing 100%.

We are beholden to the Wallingford Animal Shelter. After all they were the ones who found Doppler and made sure Doppler found us!

With that in mind Helaine had an idea, I could shoot photos of the Wallingford’s available puppies! Maybe, just maybe, flattering photos could move a shelter dog to a forever home.

We drove to Wallingford this afternoon and met with Dean and Marci and all their boarders. Lots of licks. Lots of love. Very photogenic.

It’s important for Wallingford to find homes for its residents. Here’s why from Lisa, Wallingford’s Animal Control Officer.

By law, it is entirely up to the animal control officer whether a pup lives or dies. As the animal control officer in Wallingford, I choose life. For I truly believe there is a lid for every pot – I just have to find it.

Please watch this video from today’s photoshoot and pass the word. Wouldn’t you like to rescue your new best friend?

JDRF Walk–Pictures Of Puppies

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

All week long as I mentioned the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s “Walk to Cure Diabetes” I asked people to bring their dogs. Mission accomplished! There were dozens of puppies happily walking with their families (I was going to say masters, but thought the better of it). That’s a lot of photo ops!

Here are some of my favorite dog pics from the walk plus some video I shot as the walk was getting underway.

The Puppies Of Santa Barbara

Monday, May 31st, 2010

We love dogs. That makes us Santa Barbara friendly because there are dogs of every shape and size everywhere you go! Many restaurants have outdoor seating meaning there’s a dog laying quietly under a table in just about every one.

Luckily for me I love taking dog photos. Here’s a small sample of what I saw.