Good News From The Shelter

I want to let you and Helaine know that two fur-kids went home today due to your altruistic efforts. We also had countless calls of interest, and have several appointments set up for meet and greets.

Here’s an email I just got from Lisa at the Wallingford Animal Shelter. This past weekend I photographed their dogs and put together a slideshow movie.

Dear Geoff,

I want to let you and Helaine know that two fur-kids went home today due to your altruistic efforts. We also had countless calls of interest, and have several appointments set up for meet and greets.

Yes, your efforts have and continue to make a difference in the lives of the voiceless, abandoned.

My sincere and deep gratitude for all you have done for them. “Ain’t nothing better than watching you smile”. My heart is grinning from my pulmonary artery to my left ventricle. 🙂

Here is a fitting quote I wish to share with you:

Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls – David Thomas

Shine on Geoff and Helaine Fox – your souls are radiant!


Lisa – Wallingford Animal Shelter

Helaine is asleep, so I’m telling you first!

I would be lying if I didn’t say I am pleased. This is what we hoped for.

26 thoughts on “Good News From The Shelter”

  1. Good to hear, Geoff.

    Might I also include this from Gene Wilder (as Willy Wonka):

    So shines a good dead in a weary world.

  2. Geoff,

    That really is great to hear. I love all the pics you took and it was nice seeing so many Pit/Pit Mixes, photographed in a positive way.

    Thanks You

  3. Geoff,

    Your video was for a great cause! As you see, many people follow you and love what you do! Keep up the great work and please visit the WLFD Animal Shelter again. You really helped!

  4. What a wonderful thing! Thank you for continuing to help homeless pets. I put a request out on FB, as I have many “FB friends” that are photographers, asking if they’d donate some time to snap photos of the dogs and cats in a shelter…no one replied! Great photos really do make a differene in their adoptability.

    Geoff – you rock! So glad you are still part of our lives 🙂

    I already have 2 beagles at home but OMG – the one in the pic above is killin’ me!

  5. Every bit helps. I knew your effort would have a positive impact. These are forgotten souls until someone like you brings it to the attention of the public. Well worth the time for the love and happiness a pet and owner will now share (like you kids and Doppler!) Thank you in behalf of all shelter pets and their caregivers.

  6. Thanks so much for publicizing the pups at the Wallingford Animal Shelter, and the great work that Lisa and Dean and Marci do. They give those animals love during their stay and work hard to find them forever homes. Thank you, Geoff and Helene, for contributing to their success!

  7. Geoff, I can’t begin to tell you how much this story touched my heart. The song and the puppy video was beyond spectacular! And now more pups have found a forever home thanks to you and Helaine. I smiled after watching it last night and I’m really smiling now. Thanks for being who you are!!!

  8. I love the video, how great to see how much people love their fellow friends. I have visted this shelter in the past and they were so helpful with finding the perfect home for the perfect pets. Thanks Again!!

  9. Wanted to give a shout out to the employees at the shelter, who not only put in required hours, but so much more in the care, and love they give the pets that havent found their forever home yet. Keep up the good work–I’ll keep sending people your way!

  10. Awesome news!!!! I do believe in the power of prayer and we want people to value gods beautiful creation to all animals and our number one goal is finding all our furry friends at the Wallingford Animal shelter a blessed,respectful,loving, forever home. Bless all other animals shelters too. Thank you Geoff for a great video and beautiful pictures of all pets that need adoption, definitely for a great cause 😉

  11. Love the Willy Wonka quote! :). Priceless.  

    There was a beautiful comment that thanked me, Dean and Marci – I am so grateful.  

    Rachel Amenta also works at the shelter and she does so much for the voiceless.  She even goes beyond the call and has her own rescue called Paws Crossed, to aid those at kill shelters.  I just want to include her, as she is a part of Wallingford’s team that is dedicated to saving lives.  I am so grateful to have a wonderful staff that truly cares.

  12. Geoff, you have no idea how much you are helping those who only have us to speak for them. I volunteer at a no-kill shelter, and there is nothing more rewarding. Thanks for what you are doing to help homeless pets find their fur-ever families!

  13. Geoff and Helaine…what big hearts you two have! First,rescuing a pup that was in need and giving her a life that is so full of love ( a wish for all the homeless!) And then, to not only take time to go to the Wallingford Shelter to take such beautiful pictures of the dogs, but make a video that brings tears to the eye and shows the homeless that all started out as innocent puppies just looking for someone to love! Your are both a gift! Thank you for putting out the word for those in need!

  14. What a great video – I loved the way you seemed to capture the dog’s personalities on the video! I am the proud mommy of 3 rescue kitties whom I love with all my heart. Adopting an animal is such a wonderful thing to do! The love and joy shared between an animal and “their person” is amazing! What a great service to try and find homes for these beautiful dogs! Thank you Geoff!

  15. It’s nice to see so many great pictures!! You have caught the personalities of these dogs in an amazing way. It is clear that they are getting lots of love and attention. Nice job, everyone. Let’s hope lots of these friends find homes soon.

  16. I believe you opened the eyes of many to the fact that so many good, loving animals are homeless and that the shelters are full! They all need forever, loving homes and thanks to you, Geoff and Helaine, some have already found that!! God Bless you for what you have done to help with the endless battle of finding happy homes for all!

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