Doppler And Roxie: Different As Night And Day


Stef drove down from Hollywood to spend the weekend with us. Roxie came too. She saw me as the car pulled up and went a little crazy with excitement.

At the moment we’ve got three humans and two dogs here. We’re set!

Stef sometimes calls our dog, “Feather McFeatherstein.” At not quite ten pounds the name works for Doppler.

IMG_20131013_122719-w1200-h1200On the other hand Roxie was supposed to be a miniature dachshund, no more than 11 pounds. Uh huh. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Stef claims Roxie checks in at 20 pounds, but even that seems wishful thinking.

Roxie is the life of the party. She plays. She pulls. She chews (aggressively). She’s happy to be excited. She plops herself in my lap uninvited, begging for scratches.

IMG_20131013_133218-w1200-h1200Doppler is more laid back. A dog toy thrown in front of her will remain in place, totally neglected. An afternoon spent lying in her dog bed in the corner of the kitchen is just fine. She relishes pre-nap naps!

Most of the time they treat each other with benign neglect. I’ve napped with one on each side. No problem. I walk them and give them treats simultaneously. No problem.

It’s only when Doppler is in territory she feels is hers that sparks fly! Doppler will get intense, then growl, baring her teeth to show Roxie she means business.

I have never seen Doppler show aggression to any human, even little kids with quickly swinging hands and feet. She’s even good with other dogs–Roxie including. The one exception is when she feels her turf needs protecting.

I love them both as they are. I wouldn’t trade one for the other or change either one. They are as different as can be.

4 thoughts on “Doppler And Roxie: Different As Night And Day”

  1. Dopple & Roxie reminds me of my cats. They both have different personalities. My one cat acts more like a dog. When my husband comes home from work, he has to jump up on his lap and give him kisses. My other cat would prefer to sleep or lay in the window on sunny days. What would we do without our animals? We treat them like children. It is sad when they are ill or they pass away.

  2. Sounds EXACTLY like my household…except Buddy, our terrier mix…(stand in for Roxy) is with us all the time…same playfulness …toy chasing…. andMolly, our Maltese…pre naps also…same “aggression” behavior as Doppler….way too funny/similar….love them both to pieces … to follow your “household antics”… on..

  3. Doppler is way too cute. I wouldn’t call her behavior towards Roxie “aggressive” per se. Dogs communicate differently than we do. Doppler can’t say “Look Roxie – I can put up with sharing my human with you on walks and a few other things but do not go on my side of couch!” At least not in English. She is pretty much saying the same thing in doggie language when she stares, growls and bares her teeth. As long as Roxie “listens”, all will be well.

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