Idol’s About The Edits

There’s a part of the show I see that you might not.

It’s Wednesday. I’m watching Idol. This is more addictive than crack.

There’s a part of the show I see that you might not. It’s the way the musical performances are edited.

By the way, it’s observations like this which made me a poor companion with my family at the movies.

Where was I?

I assume they do abbreviated versions of (tonight it’s The Beatles) songs. In order to highlight the individual singing performances without the show running to 3:00 AM there is additional editing necessary.

There is a technique to editing music. It can be done. You have to edit to maintain the beat. It isn’t easy. Bad edits are jarring, period.

So far the editing seems to have been seamless. I am impressed. It is what makes this part of American Idol possible.

Editing is often where the magic happens. That’s especially true tonight.

Idol Moves To A City Near Hollywood

Ten season watchers you are going to have to give me a little slack. This is my first time through the American Idol rodeo

We went to dinner tonight with our friends Bob and Karen. When I told Karen I was now an American Idol watcher she offered a fist bump. It’s cult-like… sort of like finding out you were both at Woodstock.

Ten season watchers you are going to have to give me a little slack. This is my first time through the American Idol rodeo. I’m just getting my bearings.

Through the auditions everyone was told they were going to Hollywood. Not quite. Somehow on American Idol Hollywood equals Pasadena.

Note to people named Nigel and Simon: It does not!

Pasadena has the Jet Propulsion Lab and real rocket scientists. Hollywood has guys dressed in Darth Vader outfits working for tips taking pictures with tourists at Grauman’s Chinese.

Last night Stef said Hollywood Blvd. was closed for a music video shoot. No such event on Pasadena’s main drag, Colorado Blvd. They were brushing their teeth at that moment in Pasadena.

Back to Idol.

I was surprised to find I haven’t yet picked any favorites. Luckily there are already people I dislike!

Annoying. There were annoying people–mainly crazy ex-girlfriend types though one guy who thought he was Frank Sinatra probably had an escort out. The judges mostly saw it my way.

Tonight’s culling of the herd was less satisfying than the auditions. I’m not even sure why it’s part of the series. It seems superfluous. I am curious to see the ratings in the morning.

Unless the producers do something dreadfully wrong they’ve got me hooked. I’m hoping tonight’s show is not indicative of what’s to come.

For Me This Is American Idol Season One

I am an emotional lightweight. So far I have cried every time I’ve heard, “You’re going to Hollywood.”

For 26 years I’ve worked second shift. Lunch time was around 8:00 PM. I’m not used to being home at night nor having unfettered access to prime time TV. What I’m getting at is I’m hooked on American Idol!

It may be Season 10 to you. It’s reasonably close to Season 1 for me.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of Idol. I knew enough to dislike Simon Cowell and be glad I never married Paula Abdul (her greatest disappointment I’m sure). That was about it.

This season I have watched every frame of video. What a great show!

Let’s establish one thing first. I am an emotional lightweight. So far I have cried every time I’ve heard, “You’re going to Hollywood.”

The show is masterfully structured, written and edited. For sure there is a faux reality element. The majority of contestants are nowhere near as well documented on camera as the tearful or comical stories we see with the auditions. I’ve taken to asking Helaine for a pre-singing “talented or not” judgement on some contestants based on their back stories.

The producers will not tug at your heart strings with a tear jerker set up then deliver a contestant who doesn’t follow through vocally. There are surely people who are compelling without talent but that would be unsatisfying to the viewer.

The choice of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez alongside Randy Jackson seems perfect.

After decades of sitting with anchors some of whom liked me and others who did not I consider myself a decent judge of sincere camaraderie. Don’t burst my bubble, the judges seem to like each other.

First surprise–I never expected the warm and approachable J-Lo I see on set.

Last night while chatting with a friend who’s a Hollywood insider I mentioned, “She gets it.” Not every air talent understands how you benefit by making those around you look warmer and nicer. She does. Could she actually be Jenny from the block in real life?

I didn’t know what to expect from Steven Tyler. He was the wild card. He’s very genuine, very funny and a bit of a ‘lech.’ I’ll wait and see if his lecherous side becomes endearing or creepy over time. Right now he’s the dominant personality, but without Simon’s bite.

Another surprise to me was Ryan Seacrest. Remember, I’d never seen an audition show before.

Seacrest also gets it. If you watch carefully he’s throwing batting practice pitching to contestants and families. He doesn’t get the laugh. He doesn’t get “ah” moment. He’s the set-up man. That’s harder than it looks.

Maybe it’s better for me as a new viewer than those who’ve been there since the beginning. My Hollywood friend also noted:

the bit you are seeing is fresh….is getting very old

That’s a judgement I can’t make.

The season runs until May. I’d like to think I’ll be back working before then.

As the credits rolled I told Helaine Idol will be on this season’s must DVR list.