For Me This Is American Idol Season One

I am an emotional lightweight. So far I have cried every time I’ve heard, “You’re going to Hollywood.”

For 26 years I’ve worked second shift. Lunch time was around 8:00 PM. I’m not used to being home at night nor having unfettered access to prime time TV. What I’m getting at is I’m hooked on American Idol!

It may be Season 10 to you. It’s reasonably close to Season 1 for me.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of Idol. I knew enough to dislike Simon Cowell and be glad I never married Paula Abdul (her greatest disappointment I’m sure). That was about it.

This season I have watched every frame of video. What a great show!

Let’s establish one thing first. I am an emotional lightweight. So far I have cried every time I’ve heard, “You’re going to Hollywood.”

The show is masterfully structured, written and edited. For sure there is a faux reality element. The majority of contestants are nowhere near as well documented on camera as the tearful or comical stories we see with the auditions. I’ve taken to asking Helaine for a pre-singing “talented or not” judgement on some contestants based on their back stories.

The producers will not tug at your heart strings with a tear jerker set up then deliver a contestant who doesn’t follow through vocally. There are surely people who are compelling without talent but that would be unsatisfying to the viewer.

The choice of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez alongside Randy Jackson seems perfect.

After decades of sitting with anchors some of whom liked me and others who did not I consider myself a decent judge of sincere camaraderie. Don’t burst my bubble, the judges seem to like each other.

First surprise–I never expected the warm and approachable J-Lo I see on set.

Last night while chatting with a friend who’s a Hollywood insider I mentioned, “She gets it.” Not every air talent understands how you benefit by making those around you look warmer and nicer. She does. Could she actually be Jenny from the block in real life?

I didn’t know what to expect from Steven Tyler. He was the wild card. He’s very genuine, very funny and a bit of a ‘lech.’ I’ll wait and see if his lecherous side becomes endearing or creepy over time. Right now he’s the dominant personality, but without Simon’s bite.

Another surprise to me was Ryan Seacrest. Remember, I’d never seen an audition show before.

Seacrest also gets it. If you watch carefully he’s throwing batting practice pitching to contestants and families. He doesn’t get the laugh. He doesn’t get “ah” moment. He’s the set-up man. That’s harder than it looks.

Maybe it’s better for me as a new viewer than those who’ve been there since the beginning. My Hollywood friend also noted:

the bit you are seeing is fresh….is getting very old

That’s a judgement I can’t make.

The season runs until May. I’d like to think I’ll be back working before then.

As the credits rolled I told Helaine Idol will be on this season’s must DVR list.

16 thoughts on “For Me This Is American Idol Season One”

  1. i dislike all realty shows.but i like CSI my nephew works for DALLAS museum which has tour of a real CSI set up.he has to set it up and break it down but thats not why i like the show makes you think and try to sove the murder,good cast . and that realty show where people jump over things is beyone stupid

  2. I have watched Idol a lot over the years and thought I would miss Simon Cowell’s rude albeit but genuine critiques. J-Lo fits in perfectly. Steven Tyler is rather lecherous, but he’s the real deal.

  3. It’s been a few years since I have seen Idol, but I am enjoying it as well. You haven’t even gotten to the good part of the season. What I enjoy best about the show is watching the young singers grow in confidence as the show progresses throughtout the weeks and months ahead.

    P.S. Here’s hoping we all find work soon! Cheers

  4. This really has nothing to do with your post. I just watched the “Snack Wrap” video on your YouTube page and left this comment… but in case you miss it:

    There was a time when I wanted to be a meteorologist, and you had a lot to do with that obsession of weather… your passion leaked through the tv screen into my mind, and to this day I’m a weather geek… although I chose the teaching profession.

    Watching this made me so sad that I won’t be seeing your face for the weather anymore. Bottom line is that you’re good at what you do, and your next employer will be lucky to have you.

  5. Clay Aiken (season2) is coming to the Waterbury Palace next month. Although he did not win, he has one of the best voices Idol ever discovered. I’m stoked. Enjoy this season, it’s refreshing compared to the last 2 or 3 years. A surprisingly great combination of talent in the judges. As a 10 yr Idol viewer, Im glad you came in now . Get hooked , it’s fun!

  6. I like your assessment of the judges. Other than Randy (I’ve watched him for several seasons), I was very surprised to see how Steve and JLo interact with the singers. They are both very genuine. And I love Steve’s sense of humor.
    I was particularly taken by his interactions with the last couple. I loved how he got down to the girlfriend’s level and talked to her and I love what he said.

  7. I’ve been an avid AI watcher since season 2. Sorry I missed Kelly Clarkson’s win. Anyway, the show you’re seeing in Season 10 is so much improved. I was a bit leery when Simon left as to how it would survive without him. However, now that I’m seeing the warmer, kinder judges, I’ve realized that there was absolutely no necessity for Simon’s meanness. Anyway, because I’ve watched so many seasons, I can already pick out some favorites. Many of those who have been chosen for Hollywood will be weeded out very soon. The best of it is watching how the final 10 progress and grow their talent. And out of that group, whether they win or not, many of them make important contacts and go on to have rewarding careers, i.e. Daughtry, Akin, Lambert. I’m looking forward to this new season and I’m hoping that, along with the new roster of judges, they will have a few more new surprises for us. Seacrest plays his role with finesse and you will see that as the season progresses.

    Although I hope you are gainfully employed before the end of this AI season, I hope you continue to watch and enjoy the show. Maybe we can discuss it in your blog as the weeks progress. Sometimes it’s fun to review the contestants. We do a lot of that here in my apartment complex. It gets dicey sometimes too, lol. We are all very passionate about our favorites.

  8. I’m a 10th seasoner and still enjoy the show. Ditto Steven Tyler, Jo lo….. Back to the breaking news…. I’ve been watching channel 8 since it was WNHC when Mr. Goober was also the weatherman. I’m an avid gardener and that’s your doing from the rooftop garden. You got me through Hurricane Gloria and every day since. As a painting contractor, the weather is important to me. When you told me not to go to sleep, I didn’t! I don’t know what happened but as far as I’m concerned, they took the BEST off the air. If you stay in CT on a different channel, I will follow you! Best wishes to you!

  9. This is also my first season of AI. I only started watching it because I’m a huge Aerosmith/Steven Tyler fan. If I hadn’t been impressed with ALL the judges and contestants, I would have dropped it but so far I like it.

    If you like AI and you like to watching dancing, check out So You Think You Can Dance in the summer. I’ve been watching that since Season 2 and LOVE it. Many of the dances will tug at your heartstrings, others will perk you right up and some will might leave you flat (very few though) but the talent will blow you away.

    Also, I may not wish any of your former co-workers ill, but I have dropped my e-mail subscription to WTNH’s weather forecast and am now finding my weather reports at channel 3 or 5. Hope to see you again somewhere local soon but if we do, be sure to keep your DVR primed and recording.

  10. WHile we’re all beginning to enjoy our nostalgia, Geoff, I want you to know that I loved, loved, loved, your coverage special of the 1955 floods. If I could afford it, I’d get it for my students to watch. I see it on CPTV occasionally, and just die over the price. But truly, you made the show. Thats what I will remember you for. And, actually, when I taught preschool in the 90’s, we had a photo of you over our weather chart because one of my little guys thought you were God.

  11. I have tried my hardest to avoid American Idol like the plague for the past 10 years, but now I know someone who made it through to Hollywood (Caleb Hawley, whose audition was shown in the season premiere) so I fear I might end up hooked, if he ends up going as far as by rights he really should. I may — *gasp* — even end up texting in votes!!

    I’m torn, though. On the one hand, I want him to go very far (not to win — that seems to be a kiss of death, but coming in 2nd or 3rd is definitely a Golden Ticket To Stardom). But on the other, I want him to not have made it to the finals (which have already happened, but he’s sworn to secrecy as to how it went) because he’s supposed to play at our record label’s SXSW event in March, and if he’s still performing on the show he’ll have to bail on us at the very last minute. As production manager of the event, this will make my life rather difficult. :}

  12. (To clarify: I didn’t mean the Finals have already happened, but the Hollywood portion where the finalists are determined has. I have an extremely jet-lagged brain at the moment!!)

  13. I’ve watched maybe one full season out of the 9 that have aired so far mostly because Simon Cowell became such a cartoon character and also because I hated watching the really bad singers knowing they just made it through to the judges to be laughed at and were advanced at the expense of a really good singer.

    However! Now that Simon, Paula, Ellen and Kara are gone I decided to tune in and I am HOOKED. It’s like I’m watching it for the first time. I love J-Lo for her warmth, I love Steven Tyler for his wackiness, and they both make Randy human again. I’ve spent many season’s pooh-poohing the show and now I’m honestly hooked.

    Be sure and share your opinion as the season progresses!

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