If You’re Wondering How Much

As if looking out the window isn’t enough the isopleths on this map show Western Connecticut and Buffalo have comparable snowfall totals.

This morning’s Times had an excellent graphic showing the extent of this winter’s exceptional snowfall (Note: I am not using exception quite the same way it’s used in: “Billy is an exceptional student and will surely win a scholarship to Yale.”). As if looking out the window isn’t enough the isopleths&#185 on the map show Western Connecticut and Buffalo with comparable snowfall totals.

Oh the humanity!

Officially Bridgeport has 54.2″ so far while Bradley has 71.1″. Your actual mileage may vary.

&#185 – iso·pleth (ī′sō plet̸h′, -sə-) noun –The line connecting points on a graph or map that have equal or corresponding values with regard to certain variables.

There are many ‘iso’s we learned about in school: isobar, isotherm, isodrosotherm, etc. When there is no specific ‘iso’ to cover a situation (or I don’t know it) isopleth is used.

13 thoughts on “If You’re Wondering How Much”

  1. and there’s ISO-9000 for the statistically naive’.

    But that’s not why I’m posting.

    I lived in Philly for a couple of years, in the mid-90’s. Also a winter with above average snow. While their absolute overage doesn’t match either Boston or New York, those extra 28 inches amount to treble damages, so to speak.

  2. Just checked Syracuse’s total snowfall to date: 113 inches (which is twice their normal average at this point in the season).

  3. Here’s an upside: When there is a lot of snow still on the ground in February (as it looks like there may be), the small, local maple syrup producers in the state pack it around the pails and barrels of maple sap. The snowpack keeps it very fresh until boiling and allows for a much better quality maple syrup: light, buttery and delicious. Only five or six weeks until sugaring and then we call it spring!

  4. Hey Geoff,

    What do you think of all that Thunder/lighting/snow in the last storm? I honestly never witness this much of it and what a treat! being at night with all the bright cool colors especially the purples and blues. I know you have said this on the news how it happens but can you explain again especially why this storm was so unique. 🙂

  5. That map is actually a little misleading, since it lumps everything 60 inches plus together. A location with 60″ would show up the same as one with 120″. Too bad there aren’t colors for 80″ and 100″. They would show up in NY.

  6. Geoff:

    You should launch your own Southern New England web based weather forecast center. You could stream and record nightly forecasts, get local reports from amateur weather buffs, and continue your art/ craft for us Connecticut and former Nutmeggers who know better than to trust any of thee young whipper snappers that forecast for minimum wage and a jello cup 😉

    Be well and be sure to let us know where you land.

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