From The Cryptic File: A Random Tweet

What do I have in common with Jello packets?

I admit I search my name to see what people are saying about me. Sometimes it’s nice. Sometimes it’s mean. Sometimes it’s cryptic.

This is from the cryptic file! What do I have in common with Jello packets? Should I be worried someone even has a stance on me?

Julierazz who started the conversation keeps her tweets private so I can’t see what she said.

Julie! Inquiring minds want to know.

12 thoughts on “From The Cryptic File: A Random Tweet”

  1. the flavor is what’s it’s all about! Everyone has a flavor they like and don’t like but nobody likes all of them…LOL!

    1. Doreann, there has been lots done for me or on my behalf that absolutely stuns and humbles me. This is certainly in that category. It is difficult for me to even put into words my gratitude for the affection shown me by my viewers.

  2. Geoff…Curious. How does the snowfall this winter compare to ’94, when it snowed non-stop. It seems like this winter we aren’t getting snow, but events! It’s been crazy!

  3. LOL Geoff I was responding to her two different tweets. I agree it looks a little odd. 🙂

    -I didn’t realize JELLO flavor packs had an expiration date, it’s just powder…

    -Im not sure how I feel about this new weather man on channel 8, bring back Geoff Fox

  4. Geoff, do you have some history with jello packets that we don’t know about? It could be read to relate to a single stance – if it were two, it should have said “stances on Geoff Fox and jello packets,” (I think I’ve been snowed in too long!)

  5. Geoff, We can’t believe you’re not doing the weather forecast anymore. We think you are great. You always kept us informed and entertained. We always had a laugh. We will miss you. Thank you for doing such a great job all those years.You’ve been part of our evenings for a loooong time. We will go to sleep now. And dream of you!

  6. Geoff, I wish you all the best!!! I would watch you every time you were on, really looked forward to your forecasts, and your
    wonderful way of conveying different informative articles!!!!
    You will be truly missed. I will miss your Don’t go to sleep yet
    intro. I would stay up late just to hear your take on the weather or anything going that interested you and ultimately us.
    God speed, we will miss you,

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