Idol Moves To A City Near Hollywood

Ten season watchers you are going to have to give me a little slack. This is my first time through the American Idol rodeo

We went to dinner tonight with our friends Bob and Karen. When I told Karen I was now an American Idol watcher she offered a fist bump. It’s cult-like… sort of like finding out you were both at Woodstock.

Ten season watchers you are going to have to give me a little slack. This is my first time through the American Idol rodeo. I’m just getting my bearings.

Through the auditions everyone was told they were going to Hollywood. Not quite. Somehow on American Idol Hollywood equals Pasadena.

Note to people named Nigel and Simon: It does not!

Pasadena has the Jet Propulsion Lab and real rocket scientists. Hollywood has guys dressed in Darth Vader outfits working for tips taking pictures with tourists at Grauman’s Chinese.

Last night Stef said Hollywood Blvd. was closed for a music video shoot. No such event on Pasadena’s main drag, Colorado Blvd. They were brushing their teeth at that moment in Pasadena.

Back to Idol.

I was surprised to find I haven’t yet picked any favorites. Luckily there are already people I dislike!

Annoying. There were annoying people–mainly crazy ex-girlfriend types though one guy who thought he was Frank Sinatra probably had an escort out. The judges mostly saw it my way.

Tonight’s culling of the herd was less satisfying than the auditions. I’m not even sure why it’s part of the series. It seems superfluous. I am curious to see the ratings in the morning.

Unless the producers do something dreadfully wrong they’ve got me hooked. I’m hoping tonight’s show is not indicative of what’s to come.

7 thoughts on “Idol Moves To A City Near Hollywood”

  1. This is my 1st season watching as well and I started because I’m a Steven Tyler fan. I have tentatively picked a “favorite” and she is Emily Ann Reed. The one with the unusual voice whom Steven said “no” to. Go figure, I watch because I like him and then go and disagree with him.

  2. You must have taken that picture in December or January–the hills are clear! That scene (the mountains and the (new)sign)-hasn’t changed much since I was there 45 yrs ago. Pasadena IS a neat city—but the only time Colorado Blvd is busy is for the Rose Bowl Parade—another great experience—camping out all night curbside, just to have a place to watch from! I lived in Glendale for a little over 2 yrs. The hills (if they haven’t washed away) are green in the winter and brown in the summer. It is also neat to look up at the San Fernando Mts and see the snow, but also be able to smell the rosebuds in one’s yard!

      1. Great picture—yes, that was what I meant. I will add though, that it was much less populated back in the early ’60’s—1960 that is! I drove out alone, knowing that I had friends out there that I could stay with until I got my own apt. Worked in Children’s Hosp. of LA. Have friends from there that I still keep contact with–they’ve been out here, but I have never returned to LA–. I don’t even have the courage to drive alone to DC now, having had some one to share the driving with over the past 26 yrs.
        The Watts riots occurred while I was out there, and we watched them from Griffin Park–(up there where the Hollywood sign is (was)).
        Thanks for bringing back old memories of a great 2 yrs.


  3. I found Hollywood Week not as interesting as the auditions also. But I was listening to while sitting at the computer and turning around periodically. Another excuse to get an IPad.

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