Not That I’m Kvetching

It is uncharacteristically hot and sticky in SoCal today. We’ve been here 13 months. We’re peaking!

Hot, sunny and sweaty

It is uncharacteristically hot and sticky in SoCal today. We’ve been here 13 months. We’re peaking!

Sunday at 1:00 PM PDT it’s 83&#176, 65&#176 dew point. In Connecticut, where I spent three decades, that’s an average summer day. Here it is unusual.

We’re 8&#176 closer to the equator. The Sun is 8&#176 higher in the sky. Its path to the ground is more direct, its effect much more pronounced.

The Sun in New England never gets as high in the sky as it does during the summer in SoCal.

We had a little rain yesterday. Probably not the .01″ needed to count. There are rules.

In San Diego, Kristen Cusato said they led with rain on her 10:00 PM news on KUSI. I don’t think she was joking.

A quick check of the forecast models says we stay sticky for a few more days. The next real rain doesn’t come until Thanksgiving, maybe later.

Not that I’m kvetching.

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Sultry Summer Nights

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You’ve heard of people who can sight read music? I can sight read weather observations.

Currently in New Haven it’s 73&#176 with a dew point of 70&#176. Relative humidity calculates out to 90%. I instinctively understand how that feels.

Bridgeport is 73/70, New London 70/68, Chester, Meriden and Brainard are all 72/70. Sticky.

The map above shows dew point and relative humidity at 11:00 PM EDT. I remember nights like tonight. Like living in a warm wet towel.

It’s not raining everywhere in Connecticut, but again, I remember nights like this. Even where there’s no rain falling it’s moist.

Visibility is down. Not fog as much as clouds and mist.

I liked sultry summer nights. Another thing to miss.

Is It Ever Not Perfect Out?


I’m not going to lie. It’s January 14th. It’s sunny. It’s 87&#176!

Are you kidding me? We’ve already blown through the forecast high.

I have one of my office windows open. There’s a cool breeze. No need for a/c.

It doesn’t seem logical. 87&#176 and a cool breeze simultaneously.

This is where the dew point comes in, it’s 4&#176. The relative humidity is 4%. Exceptionally dry.

The dry breeze evaporates moisture on your skin, which cools you and makes this temperature very comfortable.

Yes, this weather is unusual. 81&#176 was today’s record at John Wayne Airport. It’s been smashed.

There are serious implications from our dry weather. Most of California is already water challenged. And, of course, fire danger is high at a time of year fire season should be done.

BuzzFeed’s home page currently has an entry titled: “19 Questions New Yorkers Ask When Visiting Los Angeles” Number 18: Is it ever not perfect out?

So far, no.