Sultry Summer Nights

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You’ve heard of people who can sight read music? I can sight read weather observations.

Currently in New Haven it’s 73&#176 with a dew point of 70&#176. Relative humidity calculates out to 90%. I instinctively understand how that feels.

Bridgeport is 73/70, New London 70/68, Chester, Meriden and Brainard are all 72/70. Sticky.

The map above shows dew point and relative humidity at 11:00 PM EDT. I remember nights like tonight. Like living in a warm wet towel.

It’s not raining everywhere in Connecticut, but again, I remember nights like this. Even where there’s no rain falling it’s moist.

Visibility is down. Not fog as much as clouds and mist.

I liked sultry summer nights. Another thing to miss.

2 thoughts on “Sultry Summer Nights”

  1. Geoff…

    I can tell you back in the Tri-State the last few days has felt like the eastern Caribbean – lol. High dew points, temps near 77 – 80 F, and my god everything is so GREEN. I have bamboo growing (in a container so it won’t spread), and they ove the tropical weather. Ironically, up until this last few days, June was mostly sunny and dry in the Tri-State area (and further down the East Coast from what I’ve read). The front is coming through right now however, so dew points should come way down later today (wed) and sunny skies, much drier air, and temps around 80 – 82 should rule for the rest of the week/into weekend.

    In other weather news….I saw this article on line by another meteorologist – about the hype of the Polar Vortex in the Midwest this week – thought you would find it so funny and so true:

    The Polar Vortex ? – they finally admit it’s absurd :

    I say this lounge and cheek (and with all the humility) …..but as a old meteorologist knowing how to stay “out of debates” about climate, weather patterns, and public perceptions about the climate/weather, is a big part of staying sane (lol). Far too many times, those of us trained in climate science, know how easy, how often, and how completely…the media marketing machine dupes the public about weather/climate. We all know it cheapens the science – and we want to offer the corrected facts – but know the road is not worth it. Who wants to be the party crasher?

    Lets’ face it – your local TV weatherperson (many who are even trained meteorologists) HAVE TO HYPE the weather: If they don’t….you won’t watch…if you don’t watch, they lose viewers/ratings…and they might be out of a job. It’s a bad scene all the way around for the science of climate/meteorology – but money talks, let’s face it.

    Well……I fell off my chair (as I’m sure others did), when I say an article on Monday by weekend TODAY weather anchor (and meteorologists) Dylan Dreyer (CBS NEWS)!!: Not only does she admit that the word “Polar Vortex” is now a marketing tool…but how the hype/spin/marketing has twisted the facts about the current brief cool shot into the upper Midwest into total absurdity. It takes guts to flip off the marketing department, maybe she was fed up, maybe she is looking for another jog anyway….or maybe (just maybe), she is one of the few people in media who just can’t look you in the face and totally mislead you (lie to you).

    …a few quotes from her article:

    ….” It’s July, so a polar vortex this is not. In fact, its origins aren’t even from Siberia, like the true polar vortex, but instead from the Northeastern Pacific”

    ….Still, if someone asks you what the weather will be this week and you tell them you heard the polar vortex is returning, they’ll know it’s going to be a little chillier than normal. It’s kitschy, it’s flashy, it’s pop culture at this point — and it’s also absurd and entirely inaccurate.

    ….” using the phrase “polar vortex” in the middle of summer is pretty ludicrous”…

    ….But when it comes down to it, it’s simply not identical to what we dealt with this past winter. No way, no how.

    ……“ Now while meteorologists aren’t all in agreement that what we experienced this past winter was in fact the true heart of the polar vortex”

    Dylan Dreyer – my new media hero:

  2. Geoff does sound good that you miss something’s
    about CT because lots of CT people still really
    MISS YOU in our homes ( no matter what size
    TV we have-RE: your Costco visit).

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