To My Brand New Grand Niece

baby x eyes oopen

baby x first kiss

jessie and child x

Hi brand new grand niece. You don’t even have a name. You’re Baby X! I thought I’d write and say hello.

I’m Uncle Geoff. I’d like to be thought of as the funny or even silly uncle. If you consider me young for my chronological age, that’s good too.

“He used to be on TV,” your parents will say.

“What’s TV?”

Things were a little hectic this morning. You came out of a perfectly comfortable womb into a room full of people, monitors, noise… overwhelming. Things will calm down. It’s all good.

I already have three photos of you. You were born alert, eyes open. You are very pretty.

Your life will be archived and immortalized. We’ve finally figured out how to make taking and storing video easy.

I don’t remember what it was like to be an infant. You will have many more reminders. Good? Bad? I don’t know.

Your parents are cool. I knew them before they were married, your mom since birth.

Alas, they view the world from a different perspective. You are breakable. They will be conservative. It will take a very long time before you understand that.

You are their trophy baby. Get used to it.

I know they love you and sight unseen did everything in their power to get you here. You will be well cared for.

You are very lucky to have grandparents and even great grandparents nearby. Cousins too! Don’t feel obliged to kiss back yet. Keep it in your arsenal.

The California Foxes are very excited and want to see you as soon as we can. Could you drive over?

5 thoughts on “To My Brand New Grand Niece”

  1. Geoff and Helaine, congrats! She’s perfect. My Aunts and Uncles were so important to me growing up and I loved them dearly. They were always on my side, it seemed, even when they probably weren’t. May all your days with this little one be magic! <3

  2. Wow a little beauty. My best wishes to her grand Aunt & Uncle.
    I have been known to take full credit for most of my grand nieces and nephews and I suggest you do the same!
    Best wishes to the parents.

  3. And may I say, God Bless and watch over this precious blessing.

    We will look forward to many pictures in the days and months to come.

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