Our Neighborhood Rabbit

Helaine spotted tonight’s rabbit from the upstairs bathroom window. Would he stay long enough for me to get my camera? Would he let me approach? Would he have a white cotton tail?

This is rabbit season. They’re all over the place. Unfortunately for them the coyotes have dinner plans.





2 thoughts on “Our Neighborhood Rabbit”

  1. Look at that–&-you got her cotton white tail! You got some good pictures—maybe hanging out in the open makes her less susceptible to a hunting Coyote.
    How are you doing with water rationing there.? I expect you have in ground sprinklers. Do they still let you use them.? We have water galore—but not as bad a those areas further north. Some towns got 4 inches in a short period. Weather map shows clear days ahead with very little humidity—we’ll take it!

    1. All sprinklers here have timers. The ones owned by the homeowners association are remote controlled. The ones in my patio run two minutes per day. That’s it.

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