The Worst Place We’ve Ever Eaten In

Helaine wanted to go to a Chinese buffet for dinner tonight. These are places run by Chinese people with Chinese and lots of other food. We had a favorite here in Hamden until the Health Department closed it–really!

Helaine remembered another we’d been to in a nearby town. She just didn’t remember the name or the exact location. Google to the rescue… or so we thought. We pulled up to a shopping center on a hill. The restaurant’s name was written letter-by-letter in a large sign that doubled as a bird’s nest.

“The parking lot’s nearly empty. This doesn’t look good,” she said. It was Saturday evening. No sense having a restaurant if you can’t fill it on Saturday.

I was hungry and suggested we take a look. Unfortunately, as soon as we stuck our heads in there were two women taking us to a table.

I’m not going into detail, except to quote Helaine, who said: “This is disgusting. This is the worst place we’ve ever eaten in.”

That was enough for me!

Least Appetizing Meal Alert

I almost forgot to write this. After poker, my friend and his son were hungry. Maybe Chinese food? We headed to Los Angeles’ Chinatown.

There was a time when Chinatown was smoking all night. Not anymore. There were few places open as we drove by just before 11:00 PM.

We walked into the one we randomly chose and sat down by the window. The Health Department sign showed they had received a “B” on their last inspection. No Dean’s List for you!

Outside, a rat took his time walking near the base of a newspaper box.

The food was OK. However, what I found totally unnerving was this entry at the bottom of one menu page. Somehow, it’s lack of specificity is what scares me most. Exactly whose intestine is this?

Don’t Ask – Don’t Eat Policy

There’s a buffet restaurant in town we go to three or four times a year. it’s fairly high end in its fare – not a total carb outlet. Some of the staff were nice enough to ask for a picture with me, which they then hung near the register.

We haven’t been there in months. Tonight, on our way to the movies, we thought we’d stop by.

CLOSED by order the of the Health Department (or something very similar), the weather worn notice affixed to the door read. That’s not good. In over twenty years here in Connecticut, I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Exactly what do you have to do to be shut down, not just warned? Maybe I don’t want to know.

I’ve checked the website of the local health department and there’s nothing there. It’s one of life’s little mysteries… like the food at the buffet.