A Day Of Poker In Paradise

When I am in Las Vegas I play poker. I am a decent poker player in a city of excellent ones. It’s a challenge which is my fun. I’ve been playing in tournaments because you can get a lot of play with relatively little money at risk.

I played the noon tourney at Caesars and was doing really well until I got a pair of Aces dealt to me. That’s the best starting hand you can get. Unfortunately, another player at the table got lucky and ‘cracked’ them. I was gone.

I went back and found Helaine here at Palazzo. We had an early dinner at the Mirage Buffet. Vey nice. I could easily weigh 600 pounds.

More poker this evening. I headed back to Caesars where there are tournaments every three hours. The 9:00 PM tournament is a bounty tourney. I’d never been in one of those before. The prize pool was split between bounties for knocking other players out and the more cash for the final three of the 27 entered.

I won one bounty and held on until we were down to six. At that point I asked if anyone was interested in a deal. Amazingly everyone was amenable and we chopped the pot into four smaller and two larger shares. I was quite happy walking away with some cash.

This was a really fun table with people from all over the country and two men from Holland who deal at a casino in Amsterdam. No arguments. Everyone was very, very nice with good chitchat and stories.

Meanwhile, the Caesars poker room is adjacent to their “Pure” nightclub and Pussycat Dolls blackjack area. I guess the dressing room for the “dolls” is behind the poker room because every half hour or so two well built and scantily clad girls walked by with a fully dressed female chaperon.

I complained to the floor manager they were stalking me. That got a good laugh.

Pussycat Dolls at Caesars poker room

4 Responses to “A Day Of Poker In Paradise”

  1. Jim says:

    What exactly is the “Pussycat Dolls blackjack area”? Inquiring minds want to know more.

  2. Sandi says:

    Geoff… I noticed that the time stamp on your blog entry was 4:23 AM !!!!!

  3. Geoff Fox says:

    Jim – I’ll let you hit Google on your own for this one.

    Sandi – My CT bedtime is usually 4-5 AM. Here I have another 3-hours (as the entries are timestamped in Eastern time).

  4. Jim says:

    lol…I’ll be sure to do that.

    By the way, we had some nice snow squalls come through the Valley around mid-morning.

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