Enough With The Rain Already

okx-radar.jpgFive or six hours ago Helaine let her frustration out.

“I can’t take any more.”

She was referring to the rain which has fallen nearly daily for the month of June! It has been relentless.

We have skylights in our kitchen. The sound of the rain is more noticeable as it falls on the upward facing glass.

I’ve been quizzed about the rain a lot recently. There are questions everywhere I go. Why? How much longer? Can’t you do anything about it? If only I could!

There’s no simple answer to explain what’s going on except to say unusual weather is always our norm. Average days seldom occur. There is no single event that led to this and no forecast for the long term future you can make based on it.

It just happens until it doesn’t!

What’s most frustrating for me is when the steering currents are weak the long range forecast is more likely to bust. I spent the last few days at work constantly reworking the ‘out days’ of the extended forecast.

I just looked at the latest numbers. We’re nowhere near done yet.

We don’t get these lost days back.

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