Betty White Should Host SNL

I usually don’t join up with public causes on Facebook. No need to denigrate them. You cause crazy people know who you are. However I will make an exception this morning because it’s possibly the finest comedic idea of this century: Have Betty White host SNL!

From Entertainment Weekly:

Betty White fans are speaking, and they’re saying one of the most genius things ever: Bring Rose Nylund on as host of Saturday Night Live! No, but really, fans have rallied in a recently created Facebook fan page titled: “Betty White to host SNL (please?)!” As of noon ET today, the page had nearly 35,000 fans, rocketing from around 8,500 yesterday morning.

I’m more prone to think of her as Sue Ann Nivens, but the thought’s the same.

I joined her Facebook group a moment ago as number 50,997. It’s picking up steam.

Betty was on TV a week or so ago picking up a lifetime achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild. Here’s the clip. Don’t you think she’d be the best SNL host ever!

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  1. Wudz says:

    SNL put me to sleep again last night. At least with Betty White, even the writing won’t do that.

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