Let The (Fantasy) Games Begin

I’m in a fantasy football league with some guys from work. The season began tonight. I’m in way over my head. Who cares? Fantasy football is a math nerd’s delight!

Our league is hosted on Yahoo!. I’ve played there before. Each year the software gets a little slicker; a little more insightful.

My tight end, Jimmy Grand&#185, got me 8.80 points. I have no idea who he is. Until I chose him I’d never heard of him.

Way to go tonight, Jimmy.

I look at fantasy football the way I look at weather forecasting or poker. It’s a mathematical puzzle where you’re given a subset of the info you need for a learned decision. Even if you go with the odds sometimes you’ll get burned. An 80% chance doesn’t come true 20% of the time!

My one wild card is Kevin Kolb. He used to play for the Eagles so I’ve seen him excel as a backup. There’s no guarantee he’ll perform like that now that he has a lucrative multiyear contract. If he sucks, I’m screwed.

Football is overloaded with stats. Which are meaningful? Which are superfluous? I’ll let you know early next year.

It’s not really important to know who Jimmy Grand is.

&#185 – Just to show what a doof I am, I’ll leave the typo in! It’s Jimmy Graham.

4 Responses to “Let The (Fantasy) Games Begin”

  1. You mean my boy from the Saints Jimmy Graham? Played basketball for 4 years at Miami & football only for 1? You are going to be happy with him over the course of this fantasy season, I promise!

  2. Melanie says:

    I always thought fantasy sports leagues were about the sports, not math – who’dathunk it?

  3. Dan says:

    I picked up Gates early :) If he is healthy hes a force to be reckon with. However it all depends on his foot lol.

  4. Terry says:

    Out here in AZ we are hoping Kolb excels!!

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