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I’ve been a ham operator since I was 16. Though not active at the moment it’s been a large part of my life. There’s something very spiritual about being in a darkened room, wearing headphones and pounding out Morse Code.

When the ARRL, the national ham radio organization located here in Connecticut, asked if I’d host a live video tour of their headquarters station I couldn’t say no.

We did the webcast this afternoon at 5:00 PM. Later it will appear on the League’s website.

For little nerdy me it was way cool. I even made a quick contact on Morse.

5 Responses to “Webcast For The League”

  1. Harry says:

    So very true…it is spiritual. Alone in a darkened room, the magic of the transceiver’s lamps, a signal from a far-off land flowing along the antenna line, the pulse of the meter’s needle, the clack-clack of the relays, the roar of the pile-up: you’re not alone at all … nothing like it, Geoff.
    73 de N1QVE

  2. Allen Horner says:

    There is nothing uncool about amateur radio, Geoff. 73 de KA1WIF ..

  3. bob says:

    My brother W1IWM was my idol when he would talk via CW and never write anything down. He would just sit there and listen to the code and send responses back to another operator. I could never do that. I had to write it down. I figured it must have been his fondness of playing piano that gave him this ability. I don’t know for sure but, it amazed me.

  4. K1GF de N1IWT,

    Congrats on the new web video, glow of the old tubes the warmth and the conversations. Today digital rocks and even a short QSO with the space station.. Our hobby evolves.

    My wife Anne K1STM has been a ham since age 14 in 1961 myself earned N1IWT in 1991.. great hobby.

    Anyone interested in electronics can visit the League in Newington and is highly recommended.


    John West N1IWT
    Anne West K1STM STM- CT Section

    PS Geoff we sorted your QSL cards back in the early 90’s helping the W` Bureau.. small world

  5. Tom says:

    I gotta get to the league office some day. Congrats on the video. I am looking forward to getting back on the air this fall after my youngest leaves for college. I think I am going to try a tube based QRP CW rig, just to relive my old, old, old novice days from 1972.



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