You can’t lose if you don’t play!

Today’s poker tournament at The Mirage paid $3,009! I know that because I heard it over the PA system. I was long gone very early.

First, let’s go back to the afternoon. I spent a decent part of the afternoon taking and looking at photos, reading my book and napping. Napping is a good thing. I am a proficient napper and can easily recharge with 15 minutes or a half hour. I know I’m lucky in that regard.

We took an early dinner and went to California Pizza Kitchen. CPK is in a very interesting location, right in the middle of the casino with the Sports Book on one side and slot machines all around. Between the TV’s at CPK and those in the Sports Book there were at least a half dozen ways to watch the “wheels come of the wagon” as the Phillies got shelled by the Expos.

Helaine had a pasta dish and I had Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza. Very good. Very spicy. Desert wasn’t bad either. A chocolate souffle for me and Key Lime Pie for Helaine (her favorite).

While we were waiting for the meal to come, I walked over to the Poker Room and registered (paid) to enter the Hold’em poker tournament, scheduled for 7:00 pm. It cost $60 to enter with a $40 re-buy and $40 add in. You spend $140, of which $120 goes to the prize pool. With 72 players 9 would come home with cash.

I drew table 1 seat 9, on the edge (my least favorite spot). The dealer gave everyone $500 in no value tourney chips. It looked like 6 of the 10 at my table were locals. They live off fish like me coming in for a week or two and playing like tourists. I know that going in. I’m good, but not as good as they are. But, I am also good enough to feed off some of the other fish.

Poker is a game of luck and skill. Over the short term, luck is power. Over the long term, skill wins out. This is not like playing slots or blackjack. You can’t play stupid and win over the long term. But, I’d rather be lucky than skillful

A tounament is a short term event and luck plays a large factor early on. I went over an hour before I won a hand, and then it was only $15… the minimum possible. I had 2-7 off suit (the poorest hand you can get) more than once. When I saw an ace, it was accompanied by a 6 or 7 of a different color.

I was the third tapped out at my table. Very, very early.

I didn’t play poorly. I just didn’t play. I slowly bled to death, killed by blinds or hands I limped in on.

Helaine and I decided to take a walk toward Bellagio. Even after 9:00 pm it’s hot (100+ degrees), but it’s comfortably hot. The only time it gets to you is when you’re close to the street and feel the heat from the stopped cars.

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