Poker Update – We’re down $16!

I guess I haven’t been keeping good track, but as of this morning, we’re down an incredible $16 since we started.

Tonight I played two tiny $5+$.50 tournaments and came in 2nd once. So, that’s $3.50 on the upside. I think Helaine did the same earlier.

I find, because the action is there, that I’m playing a lot of No Limit Hold’em, which is a totally different game than what I had been playing. I’m not totally sure how much I like it, because there are major bluffs going on. So, it’s possible for another player, in essence, to ask you to put up your entire stake (and any chance to place in the tournament) and that player has nothing.

If you have a larger stack, it’s much easier to be bold, because you can force someone to make a life or death (so to speak) decision, yet you have much less on the line relatively speaking.

Even if I hadn’t placed, this game offered good entertainment for the investment. For my $5.50, I played for 1:15.

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