NYC Blackout Photos

My friend Farrell sent me this, all the way from Singapore. It’s a retrospective of photos from the Northeast Blackout, taken in New York City.

Just click on the box below to see the pictures.

It has been pointed out that ‘photo’s’ shouldn’t have an apostrophe. I agree, but because of the format of the pictures, cannot change it.

So, I guess, spelling does count. Damn!

3 thoughts on “NYC Blackout Photos”

  1. “Telephone genius arrested for calls

    “Peter Mokover, 19, a student from Great Neck Long Island, regarded by his college as a ‘boy genius,’ has been accused with eight others of using electronic devices to make thousands of dollars worth of long distance phone calls free.

    “It is alleged that by attaching the device to telephones, they were able to disconnect the operators and make their own calls to anywhere in the country without being recorded for charge purposes.”

    Fancy that!

    And talk about a permanent record!

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