Ees No My Yob

After I emailed the note to Meredith, concerning their server which was sending bounce messages to me – hundreds of them – even though they knew (or should have known) I wasn’t the culprit, I got this response (I have not corrected the spelling):

Geoff, Thanks for raising the issue of the SoBig virus infection. From the information that you have provided, it does look like the infected machine is located at Jeter Cook & Jepson Architecs, Inc. of Harford, CT. Their contact information is provided below. Have your IT technical staff contact the admistrative contact or the technical contact below. They may not realize that they have a SoBig infected machine and that it needs to be cleaned.

Jeter Cook & Jepson Architects, Inc. (JCJ4-DOM)

450 Church Street

Hartford, CT 06103


So, I wrote back:


You misunderstand. In my case, Meredith is the guilty party. You are the

ones sending these hundreds of emails to me. And, you’re sending them to me

even though both you and I know they are coming from JCJ.

Why should I be the person contacting JCJ? I have nothing to do with this

at all. It is your server which is improperly set to respond to these

messages that you know are bogus.

You must take action to stop this before close of business today.

Geoff Fox

Maybe I should just forward all the messages to him? I’m not sure what to

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