Ivy to the Vet

Ivy hasn’t been eating well for the past 5-6 days. She had been eating really well prior to that. This morning, Helaine felt Ivy’s stomach and it was hard, as if she were full.

I took Ivy to the vet where a quick examination showed more fallout from her congestive heart failure. This time it’s fluid (blood) which has leaked from a bad heart valve and is now congregating in her abdomen.

Dr. Chin made some changes in Ivy’s meds and hopefully, in the short run, she will be helped. But as we go along, it becomes more and more clear that Ivy is not well and will never really recover. We might be able to hold off her illnesses for a while, and will try to do that.

She seems to be in no pain, but I’m sure she’s uncomfortable. Don’t you wish she could talk, just a little, to help us help her?

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