Fantasy Football

If you didn’t choose a totally new team every year, I’d have to say I’m playing for draft position. In my fantasy football league, I am taking up the rear and it’s not even close.

This first to worse story comes courtesy of a team chosen by my peers, when I couldn’t make it for the draft. Of course, these are the same guys who chose a team that took me to first, last season. I don’t think there’s any hanky panky going on.

The whole concept of fantasy football is strange. Helaine calls it ‘sports gambling.’ She’s right. It’s not that you can win or lose a large amount of money (well, forget the win stuff entirely this year), it’s that you’re no longer rooting for teams, you’re rooting for players, in the abstract.

The fun is trying to shuffle your lineup to get the best bang on any weekend. Will my guy be able to catch passes against them? Will my kicker see action… maybe be in a position to kick a bunch of field goals? Who is available as a free agent for me to sign?

And then, there are the bye weeks when you have players who aren’t playing and wholes in your lineup to work around.

All this having been said, at the moment, my sorry team is being creamed. The realtime stats package I bought ($9.95) from Yahoo shows me down 43.84 to 1.75!

Maybe I’m a bad coach? Yahoo lets you look at your optimized team: 53.04 to 3.15. Not much difference.

The afternoon is still young. I could still get beaten by 100 points, probably setting some dubious fantasy league record.

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