Phenomenal Aurora – I Missed It!

Earlier this evening, the heavens glowed in shades of red as the Aurora Borealis moved far enough south to be seen in Connecticut.

I received dozens of emails from happy people, thrilled to witness this rare event. Some folks say once in a lifetime, but that’s overdoing it.

Because auroras happen in the dark, it is very difficult to capture them on film. Digital cameras, not as sensitive as their film cousins, make it even more unlikely. I’m not sure how, but one viewer, Mike Jensen of Oakdale, CT was able to get it in his viewfinder, and the result is amazing. The shot is looking over Gardners Lake, Salem CT at about 7:30 PM 10/30/03.

I have only seen the Northern Lights once myself. I was living in Cleveland at the time, and my friend Joel was visiting from Pittsburgh. We sat outside and stared. I remember understanding what it was, but being petrified anyway. The colors undulated, as if it were a curtain of some gas headed our way.

I wish I could have seen it tonight. I’m glad I gave others a reasonable heads up.

2 thoughts on “Phenomenal Aurora – I Missed It!”

  1. I got home (South Salem, NY) last night at about 6:45 pm. I got out of my car, turned around and looked up and the sky had a HUGE blood-red streak highlighted by a white outline. I ran into the house, got on the phone, and called my parents, my cousin and darn near anyone I could think of. They all thought I had gone blarney. Thank goodness for your site and the amazing photos! Now they know that I wasn’t looney, but a witness to a virtually unheard of, spectacular event in Westchester Couty!

    YAY ME! I didn’t even have to go to Alaska to see aurora borealis! (My son got to see it, too).

    One question, though – I thought aurora borealis was supposed to flicker and move – this was quite still. And I’d never seen pictures of red – only purples and greens. What’s up with that?

  2. I saw the lights as well. But it was barely discernable above the light pollution in Middletown. I wish I had taken a drive a little farther out into the countryside that evening. I got an email from a friend in Colebrook who said he’d seen it as well.

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