Stay With what You Know

I was cleaning out my office this evening and came across a receipt I had saved from a recent trip to Circuit City. It’s a store I enjoy visiting. My computer, digital camera, DVD player and a bunch of other things began their lives at Circuit City.

Please, click on the link and take a look, because this is how Circuit City handles the purchase of a bottle of water and a bottle of soda.

The receipt itself measures 12&#190″ by 4&#188″. Not only are the drinks listed, but so are the two 5&#162 bottle deposits. As it turns out, one drink was taxable, the other not (it doesn’t specify which). Tax was charged on the bottle deposits.

I had 30 days to return my purchase for a full refund. Of course, it had to be in its original condition including packaging.

It’s sort of funny to see them go through all this trouble for two drinks.

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