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“It’s embarrassing to me,” Fox said. “Forget the movie. This was the perfect storm.”

I got a call from Pat Seremet at the Hartford Courant yesterday. She had heard how I missed my shot at WTIC. The weatherman, unable to attend because of weather. Now that’s news!

I’ve attached her story to the link below.

Let me explain the use of the term “Perfect Storm.” In order for us to have had this teeny bit of snow stop a significant portion of the state, everything had to fall in line in exactly the right order. It was an incredibly unlikely set of circumstances. If any single thing would have changed, we wouldn’t have noticed the snow at all.,1,4266974.story

The Perfect Storm Made


– Pat Seremet

December 3 2003

The Perfect Storm Made

For An Imperfect Morn

For Mr. Weatherman

Geoff Fox, weather forecaster at WTNH, Channel 8, didn’t see it coming.

Neither, he says, did anyone else.

But there he was Tuesday morning just after 8, heading from his home in Hamden to the WTIC-AM studios in Farmington to fill in for Jim Vicevich on his 10 a.m. program.

Then he hit the gridlock.

Fox entered the ramp trying to get to I-91 and 45 minutes later had only reached the top of the ramp.

On the phone, WTIC producers told Fox to head back home – Ray Dunaway and Diane Smith, hosts of the early morning show, would take over.

“It’s embarrassing to me,” Fox said. “Forget the movie. This was the perfect storm.”

What makes Fox’s plight all the more troubling is to read his blog ( after the fact. There, he tells of his excitement about doing the show. Vicevich called him Monday night, saying he was “in a small pickle,” and asking whether Fox could fill in as host Tuesday.

“This is like asking Christina Aguilera if she’d like to look a little more tawdry,” Fox writes. “Of course I would.”

Then Fox muses whether he was really Vicevich’s first choice? “To quote Bob from the furniture commercials, `I doubt it.'”

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