My Limited Perspective Concerning Snow

Do you like snow or hate it? We’ve asked Connecticut residents, on TV, and the majority always goes for snow. Go figure?

I couldn’t be more opposite. I dislike the snow and nearly everything about it. Sure, in the beginning things look pretty, but then there’s the price we pay. Roofs can leak. Cars get stuck or spin out or find something to hit before stopping. Schools and businesses are closed, which costs all of us money in the long run. After a few days, it’s that crunchy, charcoal shaded permasnow. And then, there are the scrapers.

If you pay taxes (and if you don’t, please email me with your secret), you pay for snow in the cost of road clearing and then road repair. By definition, most snows come when crews aren’t normally scheduled to work. So, most snows incur some sort of overtime or bonus pay.

After last winter, Frank who plows at our house, bought a ch

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