Final Exams

I’m positive that when I was escorted out of college (I originated the “Accelerated Dismissal Program” at Emerson College), I mumbled something about never taking a test again! That was such a good idea. I should have stuck with it.

I have just finished taking my two finals for this semester at Mississippi State; Severe Weather and Statistical Climatology. I had a very good average in Stat Climo, so went a little light on the studying. My thought was, there was enough padding to hide a bad final and still get an “A”. Let’s hope I was right.

In Severe Weather I needed to do really well in order to get an “A”, thanks to a poor showing on my midterm. This test wasn’t too bad, though the instructor used contingent answers. So, in essence, many of the questions were two questions and you had to get them both right to get credit for either.

The break point for an “A” is so high for me in that class that I worry something as simple as a typo could be my undoing. In my first year, I got a number of questions wrong because my mouse was in the wrong spot when I clicked. That surprised me then.

I also had trouble with questions that used double, or sometimes, triple negative concepts. Things like: “which of these isn’t true,” and then the examples contain negative ideas. I’m sure the instructor didn’t want the questions to be too easy, but this seemed to value semantics and syntax over a deeper understanding of the syllabus.

I am now on Winter Break. I know I’m married, with a child, and over 50, but doesn’t this entitle me to go to Cancun or South Padre Island and do body shots?

Hell – I don’t even drink. What kind of college student am I?

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