Cable Modem Speed Doubled!

My friend Peter, vacationing in Hawaii, has been bugging me for the past few weeks to test my cable modem speed. Comcast had recently announced speeds would double (back to where they were when @Home closed down – but that’s another story) on cable modem accounts like mine.

I’ve been testing every once in a while. Going to the sites that count bits and seeing that I was pretty much where I had been, about 1.5 mbps downloads. Don’t get me wrong, that’s 70 times faster than what I used to get with my dial-up modem.

Tonight I gave it one more try. First, I unplugged the cable modem and then plugged it back in. The front panel lights started to flash. Even the Test light, which I had never seen lit came to life. After a while the Cable and Test lights started going through some rapid fit-like spurt of activity… and then… back to normal.

I went to the speakeasy speedtest site and gave it a try. To quote Steffie, “Ohmygawd!” In an instant, my download speed had doubled. I now have more bandwidth coming into this house than my TV station has for the entire station.

Click here to take a look at speakeasy’s speed rundown and comparison. This much access. It just boggles the mind.

4 thoughts on “Cable Modem Speed Doubled!”

  1. I was actully seriously considering switching (back) to DSL because of the simple fact that I run a WebServer from home and the DSL upload speed are just faster than cable. But after they “Doubled” their speeds I desided to stick with Cable.

    -age 17

    West Haven, Connecticut

  2. I actually have aol and connection speed of the transaction is quite pleasent. The slow speed gives me more time to read up on the latest trends on how to bore out my 340 motor. I learned alot from the internet, or actually my magazine. But if it wasn’t for my slow connection then I wouldn’t have such good reading.

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