What Are They Smoking in Mountain View?

As I was getting ready to shut the computer down, I noticed the little graph on my Google page rank seemed longer. Size may be unimportant in real life, but ranking that the size of the graph represents is immense when it comes to how a site is indexed and reported by Google on the web.

I am now a 7 on Google’s 1-10 scale&#185. 7 is huge – more than the vast majority of commercial sites. More than the site connected to my place of work! That’s ridiculous. I’m just a guy writing about his life… with varying degrees of success.

Not worthy. Not worthy.

&#185 – No sooner did I post this than my importance returned to a 6. Google couldn’t have seen anything that quickly. A few minutes later, I was a 7 again.

Research has now become necessary. How do they come up with the rank, and how fluid is it? Does it have anything to do with the quality of the stuff they’re smoking?

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