Nice Mention in Sunday’s New Haven Register

A few weeks ago Jim Shelton, of the New Haven Register, called to ask if I’d like to participate in a story on gadgets. Absolutely!

I’m a sucker… err… early adopter… when it comes to high tech stuff. I’m on my third digital camera, and our computer network at home has five PCs for three people (though only two could be considered close to leading edge technology). Of course, I’ve been playing with computers since 1967 and have had a PC at home since 1978 (TRS-80 Model I), so this is a deep seated illness.

The attached photo (right) was taken by Peter Casolino of the Register staff, using a Canon D1, I think. You could actually see the bulb light up above his head as he had one of those “Eureka” moments, realizng what he wanted to shoot.

It’s not a trick. That was my photo being displayed in the laptop. In this morning’s paper, the photo takes up fully 40% of the top of the first page in the Living Section.

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I know there are some people who’d rather not see their name in the paper… and others, like Saddam Hussein, who are wishing there would be a new photo to print. But for me, it continues to be fun to think anyone would value my opinion.


Holidays just feed the beast for those hooked on gizmos

Jim Shelton , Register Staff 01/04/2004

Does WTNH-8 weather guy Geoff Fox has a digital storage unit the size of a key chain and a radio wristwatch that resets itself by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Peter Casolino/Register

John Saville has video phone envy.

Recently, one of his relatives got of a state-of-the-art videophone that shoots and transmits video to other videophones. It sends and receives video even while a person is using the phone to do something old-fashioned, such as talk.

Saville, a DJ who lives in Guilford, has been pining for one ever since.

“I fell in love with it,” he admits. “It looks really, really cool. I can