Good God It’s Cold!

I just went out for a container of coffee. Usually, even in the coldest weather, I grin and bear it. Tonight is different – special if you will.

My car-mometer said 7… and then 6 degrees. That in and of itself wasn’t too bad. It’s the wind.

Wind chill is a real thing. No, water won’t freeze at temperatures above 32, just because the wind chill’s down. Still, your body’s skin temperature will move more rapidly toward the outside air temperature when the wind is whipping. That’s what wind chill is all about.

It’s brutal. It really was painful to stand outside, even for the few seconds it took to get to the car.

If there’s any consolation, it’s that I’m going to Florida to visit my folks and play some golf on Monday. Even if the temperatures in Florida are below their normal – if it rains every day – no matter what, I won’t kvetch. Not after tonight.

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