It’s a Guy Thing

In anticipation of a week away, down in Florida, I began packing tonight. No coat. No sweaters. Golf clubs!

I have decided, for this one week, no shaving. We’ll see what my folks have to say about this… or how I feel about it once the beard comes in.

Shaving is one of those necessary evils of adulthood. I’m not sure I know one adult male who wouldn’t stop shaving, if he could. I will look scroungy!

When I return to Connecticut, I will shave it off. Even if I could wear it, I probably wouldn’t (and it probably wouldn’t be allowed), it’s not a good look.

At least I don’t think it’s a good look. I’ll have a chance to reevaluate.

One thought on “It’s a Guy Thing”

  1. Shaving

    It’s a Guy Thing Geoff Fox, Channel 8 weather guy, is going on vacation for a week. He’s taking a vacation from shaving as well. Geoff, what spell have you put on your wife that you can get away with

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