The Trip Home – Random Note

My dad, along with my sister’s father-in-law, dropped me off at Palm Beach International. It’s now a large airport. The West Palm Beach metro is a major growth area.

Saturday afternoon is normally a light travel time, and this was no exception. Who wants to leave Florida on a Saturday to go to the frigid north (it is snowing and accumulating as I write this).

With a little time to kill, I bought a magazine and then went searching for a Cinnabon. No luck again. I am jinxed!

I did stop in a fast food restaurant where I found this ‘napkin’ dispenser. Is there a better way to tell your customers you really don’t care about them then putting in one of these toilet paper dispensers?

I know what they’re doing – trying to cut down on people who grab a handful of napkins. And, of course, these lovely serviettes are much less substantial.

Isn’t my business worth the extra cost of nicer, thicker, unlimited napkins? I decided not to get anything.

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