Use It Or Lose It

Over the past few years, I had been given the opportunity to roll over vacation that I couldn’t use. We were short staffed, time piled up. All this was on top of the vacation time I normally get.

If you’re new at your job, or don’t work holidays, sit down because this will shock you. With holiday comp days, I get 6 weeks paid vacation a year. Hey, I’ve been here nearly 20 years! I wonder if the policy was originally formulated with the thought that no one would ever stay that long?

My contract anniversary is coming up soon, so I had to finish off what was left – use them or lose them. That’s why I took last week off and will be gone this Thursday and Friday and next Monday.

I wasn’t going anywhere special, and then I saw an announcement in The New York Times. An exhibit was opening at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, featuring the work of Chuck Close.

You look at the work of Chuck Close, like this self portrait (a painting, not a photo) and see a weird dirt bag of a man. His hair is matted, greasy and unkempt. A cigarette is hanging from his mouth. Considering the client

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